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Week 12  ~ w/ INC   ~  5 days left

Nov 29, 2011 - 5 comments

I cannot believe 12 weeks has flown by so fast almost.   However, I hope I never ever in my life ever have to experience this again.    Certainly SVR is close around the corner.    Next Monday will be a full set of lab work and I am completely chopping at the bit !   5 days left to go and I am so hoping that this dreadful set of sx will lift and will be able to actually do something beside lay around.   I have never felt some helpless in my life.   I keep thinking why are you being so lazy and then when I get up to do something its not but 5 minutes and I am down for the count, out of breath, or dizzy or just blinded with continuous thoughts in my head.     Total stressing me out !     But on a good note,  5 days is just a small piece of the pie to go, and by golly I have almost done it and hopefully half way there !    
Phewwwww !   Just 5 more days !  

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by Advocate1955, Nov 29, 2011
5 days and counting!  Wow, you can count down the pills now!  Whoo hoo! Way to go Livinontheedge!

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by hondapatches, Nov 29, 2011
You can do it....I did and I am so glad that part is over..still holding firm with the rash, but I am hoping this will go away. My rash is like welps it is not fun at all...5 more days and you will be free from the fat fat fat an the incivek..Good Luck and God bless.

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by Livinontheedge, Nov 29, 2011
Advocate,  Yes.... I am counting diligently !    
Patches,   Yes......   I am going to do it.    I wish them crazy itches would go away for you.  I had some really bad welps and other weird itchy bumps in the past and they go away.   The biggest thing is to come off of this crazy diet of fat !   I swear I look like a balloon !     Back at ya girl with the Blessings.   He will walk us through this !  This I know :)   Stay tuff

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by screaming48, Nov 29, 2011
I'm with you! Friday at 2 pm is my last pills thank God.. but am having hell right now with the last of the rash making a final appearance I hope and the rearend thing is acting pretty bad too. I got two hours sleep last night and 4 the night before I am soooo tired. Hang in there we are almost there...

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by Livinontheedge, Nov 30, 2011
Screaming,  You are not far away!   3 days thats it!     You need a nice long sleep.    I slept all day yesterday and the night before and last night.   I think it comes in phases.    Finally our bodies just crash !       I do have more itching going on right now , but not to the extend of what you are going through.  God Bless Ya, it will end,    

Just a few more days :)   Hugs

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