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(TMI alert)..mucous plug?

Nov 29, 2011 - 14 comments

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well, the other day I was (as usual) in the toilet and noticed some dry clear mucous on my underwear and in my urine. its not watery nor whitish. more like the phlem u get with a dry cough or some thing at the end of a cold. (sorry again..TMI) and since then I'v been having transparent more watery discharge kinda like EWCM.
Question is, did I lose my mucous plug? or is that just normal discharge during pregnancy?..
Did any of u experience that? would highly appreciate it if u ladies can describe the mucous plug and help clear out the confusion.

Thanks in advance!

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by princessren88, Nov 29, 2011
Sounds like normal discharge I've been having that for awhile now. Its exactly like you said phlem looking. I notice it in my underwear and when I wipe. I think when you lose your mucus plug it's usually blood tinged or a huge clump that you can't miss.

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by haz1104, Nov 29, 2011
reason I'm asking is cuz I'm antibiotics for UTI and usually I get a yeast infection with that..but this time I didn't. thut maybe I got it again with no itching this time..will ask my Dr on Sunday. Thanks!

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by princessren88, Nov 29, 2011
Yup I was on antibiotics most of my pregnancy for uti and when it went away they kept me on a low dose for 13 weeks now that im 36 weeks I am able to stop them. I also got a lot of yeast infections in the beginning but started taking probiotic capsules and it actually helped! After treating the yeast infection 3 times. I also worried about it coming back because this last two months I started getting more discharge but without itching or burning this time. So from the research Ive done it's very common to have alit if discharge in the last trimester! Many women wear panty liners because of it. It's gross but as long as you have no other symptoms with it it's normal. Sorry about trouble with uti I know how horrible it is!!! I'm so tired of doing urine tests to check see if it's still gone and so glad to finally be done the antibiotics!!!

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by haz1104, Nov 29, 2011
Glad to know I'm not alone in this boat. guess this is the blessing of having MH friends and sharing all the experiences.
I'm also tired of all the UTIs makes me worry about the baby's jeopardizing baby's immune system that or preterm labour! booo lol glad ur done with that can't wait till I'm done too! our boys SOON gonna b here can u believe it!?

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by retta483, Nov 29, 2011
Im going with normal discharge . a muscus plug is tons of like snot consistancy sorry tmi that kinda plops out  sometimes not all at once  sometimes at once  from what I can remember :D  pretty soon you will meet that handsome little man xx Loretta

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by niso82, Nov 29, 2011
I used to see same discharge a week before Labor i had this with my sons

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by angelbabies, Nov 30, 2011
dosn't sound like u have lost ur plug yet, i get that sometimes i think its just discharge, ur plug normally has a bit of blood in it and is like a snot consistency. x

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by haz1104, Nov 30, 2011
thank u for ur inputs Ladies, will keep u posted on d updates after my drs appoint on sunday. been having weird tingling/pressure "down there" plus a lot of tingling and vibrating pains..worst part of being a first timer is that u dont know what is what !! lol

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by princessren88, Nov 30, 2011
I'm having a lot of pressure down there and sharp pains in my cervix! Especially when he's very active I guess his head pushes on my cervix. And he's dropped so sometimes I feel like he's between my legs!  Went from having trouble breathing and sitting without feeling like my lungs are being pushed up to now feeling tons of pressure down there! So exciting were almost there!! And all this cramping is annoying but I know it's my body preparing!!!

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by sherrycoup, Nov 30, 2011
well today is my due date!!!  No baby yet but last week at my 39 wk appt my dr said i was 2cms but head was still high so he did a stretch and sweep to get things moving.  Once he did that i got the snot like mucus coming out bit by bit.  He said it was my plug  it does not have to have blood in it - the blood is what they call a "show"!   Anywhoo I went back yesterday for my 40wk and was only 3cms  UGHH  I was so disappointed.  He said i have dropped a lil but head is still a lil high so he did another stretch and sweep  and now getting bigger globs of mucus (which has now made me really uncomfy )  So im hoping this does the trick.  I am scheduled for my induction this sat dec 3 (if I don't go on my own in the next 2 days  lol)  Anywhoo!!  Good luck ladies  I will let you all know when i have my lil one :)

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by Kimberleigh2208, Nov 30, 2011
I've been having the clear discharge for awhile now too and awaiting the "show" or "plug" since I'm only 2 1/2 weeks from the due date but nothing yet!  I am so bummed and with the doctors estimating the baby to be so big, I was really hoping she'd come early.  I am thinking I will have to be induced at this point as I've only had a couple cramping episodes and I'm still getting terrible, sleep-preventing acid reflux and heartburn at night so I think she hasn't dropped.  Of course I will miss being pregnant once she's here but I really want to have my full range of movement again and would love to have her here to show off as well!  Good luck to all of us and I pray for healthy babies over everything else!

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by zazou, Nov 30, 2011
I've been also having discharge different than usual the last few days, and with my first pregnancy, I had the same during the last few weeks. Discharge increases towards the end and also it's consistency. As mentioned above the mucous plug usually has a tinge of blood in it.

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by haz1104, Nov 30, 2011
Ladies, we're almost there! I'm waiting for ur turns SO anxiously knowing I'm one next! ..

Sherry, ur almost there! I'm sure baby's just enjoying the suspense of surprising mummy for the holidays! hehe dropping isnt the most reliable sign that labour is approaching for second time mummies can happen an hr b4 labour..I'm sure ur feeling so uncomfortable by now but sure enuf ur gonna forget all about it once u hold ur lil one in ur arms and hear the first cry hope u have a safe and healthy delivery soon !! :)

Kim, ultrasounds aren't always right..but it sure gets so uncomfortable towards the end..ur baby's gonna b here in NO time and things will turn out great for u! dunno about missing being pregnant again lol cuz I seriously doubt it!..its truly a miracle time but i thing I'll need quite some time to recover after this hehe..

wish u all a merry christmas and a happy holiday! :)

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by kayleighowen, Dec 06, 2011
hi just to say i was losing jelly mucous for 2 weeks with my 3rd child as i had 2 false labours 1 lasted 12hrs and the other 15hrs in the end the day i didnt want to go into labour as i was exhausted my waters broke and i lost my mucous plug at the same time so maybe ur getting signs that ur almost there :)

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