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best embies ever!!!

Nov 30, 2011 - 1 comments

I had the best day ever in my life today!!!

When I got to the hospital to have my ET done, my RE came very happy and said I have the most precious strong healthy embies ever!! From 15eggs 15 did fertilized ...only 9 are strong and healthy embies that showed up first then the other 6 started to respond slow but they did...Dh and I were prepared for 3 embies but after we saw or first picture of our 2 strongest embies out 9 were AMAZING !!! one of them were grade 5ba and the other one 4aa!!!OMG THERE A PERFECT EMBIES!!!WOOOHOOO!! RE said won't transfer 3 due to the high quality of the embrios!!!

I'm so thankfull God had heard my prayers and for those that pray for my embies to b strong!!!

Also I'm extremely happy for my sis Sisi!! Beta had tripled and baby or babies are.very strong !!! YAYY sis I'm almost there!!!

Now in my 2ww....more to come...

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by sisi2399, Nov 30, 2011
WOOHOO!!!!  I so happy for both of us.  We are making strong steps, moving forward sis.  We are preggo together.  Yes because you are PUPO! Your embies are perfect and they will make perfect, strong, healthy babies.  

GOD is AWESOME!!!!  WE are almost there sis

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