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Nov 30, 2011  Wed. Venting

Nov 30, 2011 - 5 comments

Have to vent and journal this one out.....   I cannot believe some of the posts I read.   I mean are they for real, or are they set ups ???       Why would anyone drink with HCV and be doing treatment ??    I really hope it was a mistake that I read.   I just have such a deep passion for those who want to live their life healthy,  those who contracted this horrible disease and are fighting for their lives.    Those who didn't ask for it at all !!!!        
After watching two very loved people in my life, kill themselves with drinking and abusing drugs, and having HCV, knowing the consequences of their actions, it absolutely puts me to immediate rage when seeing others doing the same thing.  
I sit here, not feeling sorry for myself, because I am a fighter, and I will whip this disease with every ounce of fight that I have.  But what really chaps my hide is those around me who are watching,  My Husband, My Children, My Grandchildren.   They get to suffer too !    And they dont deserve it !

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by Advocate1955, Nov 30, 2011
When I read that person's post, my thoughts were that he/she needs to treat the alcoholism or there is no point to treating the HCV.

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by Livinontheedge, Nov 30, 2011
NO Kidding.  Sorry if I offended anyone out there.    It really hit a button for me tonite :(      Carrie

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by hondapatches, Nov 30, 2011
wow I didn't get to read that one. people are so stupid. I know my best friend has cirrocis can't spell it, but she drinks all the time beer and wine mostly. I just look at her and don't know what to make of it. Why I asked her? Don't you want to see your granddaughter grow up. She said she is in stage 4 cirr. and its not gonna matter they can't cure it. So I am going to live happy while I still have time. I get so mad at her. I love her to death she has been my friend for forty years. She is living with me and I can't bear to watch it. She tries to hide it from me so she goes up to her room and puts it in a cooler. She says she quit but I know what she is doing.  But I don't know what to do. She has no ins. her husband just divorced her. She is so tired all the time. I never thought I would see this.

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by Livinontheedge, Nov 30, 2011
Patches, that is so sad.   Ive seen two ex husbands buried because of the same disease.   Alcoholism is a disease, just like the disease we are battling. And both of them had HCV , one even cleared SVR !     Sometimes they never wake up and see what the consequences are doing to them.  Most times they die.     It really must be so hard watching this, I am sure you love her with all your heart.    Please stay strong and be good to yourself, and by that I mean dont let anyone , no matter who they are put harm in your recovery to reaching SVR.      
My son is 30 years old and he is single.   He is staying with my Husband & I right now and he does not take good care of himself.    But we have a rule, if he uses or drinks or comes home intoxicated or under the influence, he is out of here !   This is my own flesh & Blood.   And the only reason he is here is because he broke his ankle and has two plates inside and is recovering from that.   Another month  and he is gone !    I know , my bad, but it is just tough love, and I am not giving my son a ticket for a free ride to death.    
Hugs girl, I hope your rash is getting better.   I just discovered I have a new spot in the middle of my back and it feels all bumpy and yukky too !   Not itching to much though .       Hugs xoxo  Carrie

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by BigDaddy_59, Nov 30, 2011
Most addictions cause the "obsession of the mind" that make people to do them no matter what the consequences: alcoholics who drive drunk with their kids in the car; smokers with emphysema who burn up when their oxygen tanks cause fires; gamblers who lose their homes and families, people with eating disorders who starve or eat themselves to death; diabetics who continue their bad habits even as they go blind and have body parts slowly chopped off...
"Normal people" who don't have these obsessions can't begin to understand.
I am a sober alcoholic so I understand other alcoholics but at the same time I am a diabetic but I watch my blood sugars and can't begin to understand why watching what you eat and exercising is so hard for many people.
People used to tell me "why don't you just not drink so much"? If I knew how, I surely would have. Only by the Grace of God was my desire to drink removed. Only through 12-step programs are many of us saved. Some find other ways to stop. he rest are doomed, usually to a life of hell and many will die from it whether by the actual cause or by taking their own lives because of the pain they are in.
The main goal of any person in AA or probably most 12-step programs is to help the person who still suffers and that is my aim as well. We give back what was given so freely to us.
I don't know where the hell I am going with this but I do know that there is no helping people who don't or won't accept help and I am powerless to change that. The only power I have is over my actions and thoughts.The best I can do is to accept that and either turn away from them or accept them as they are. (Though I will keep making suggestions that there is help is they ever do want it  :o)
God Bless,

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