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Be careful what you ask...

Jan 28, 2008 - 1 comments

A bit of advice from one who has been there...... be careful what you ask!

One of the main goals of MedHelp was to empower newly *Diagnosed* understand more about their condition in order to make informed choices or at a minimum be able to have intelligent conversations with their health care providers.  I've noticed over the years that those with serious conditions go through a 'learning curve'.  Initially there is a level of shock and for many this is followed by a quest for knowledge.

At the beginning of the curve, people go through articles to get the basic understanding of the disease of condition.  Those that are tenacious keep digging and may eventually go though professional journals in seeking more knowledge.  This is especially true for rare or potentially fatal medical conditions.  

MedHelp has evolved from simply providing a set of articles to gain a basic understanding to providing a large amount of support to those who have been diagnosed.  Our site offers the largest variety of professionally staffed forums as well hundreds of patient-to-patient forums. Even with this tremendous level of support, this is no substitute for personal medical attention from your health care provider. We can help you understand but we can't diagnose.  No one can diagnose you via the Internet, it is also ill advised for you to self diagnose!  It will most likely take you down a path which will waste your precious time and yield few fruitful results.

Once you know your condition, you can then leverage off of our site more effectively... speak with others who have been diagnosed with similar conditions.... pose specific questions to some of the leading experts in the world. Be more empowered to help yourself and your loved ones.

Again... don't ask.. "what's wrong with me" ... it's better to ask... "I've been diagnosed with ... and what do you think relation to ...."


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by Artdude, Jan 28, 2008
Thanks for this site.  It is doing an immense amount of good.

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