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Winter of treatment

Dec 01, 2011 - 9 comments

Hepatitus C

"In the spring, I burned over a hundred acres, till the earth was seared and black, and by mid-summer, the space was clad in fresher and more luxuriant green than the surrounding area. Shall man then despair? Is he not a sproutland too, after never so many searings and witherings?"  - Henry David Thoreau
This parallels my winter of treatment. It also reminds me of the year I visited Yellowstone as it burned. A few years later, it was lush n full again.
We are killing off the overgrowth of weeds and dead fall in our forests. We're making room for our bodies to thrive again. We will be crisper, with sharper outlines. I have a picture in my mind's eye. It comforts me when the heat and flames threaten to overcome me. Once again I look find meaning in the pain. And I see my future. It's bright. Love to all of you. Karen :)

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1652596 tn?1342015226
by belle19, Dec 01, 2011
karen, that's very beautiful  i fully enjoyed what you wrote.  sounds great.  best wishes for your future.   belle

910090 tn?1332171060
by starshine1ca, Dec 02, 2011
What a beautiful way to view this treatment.   You have a wonderful perception and I admire your strength.  Keep your positive and amazing are truly an inspiration!  

1846163 tn?1331052348
by Diane1186, Dec 02, 2011

What a beautiful way to visualize the body healing and becoming whole.  This did make me feel better today, and helped me visualize a few small green sprouts starting.  May your forest continue to grow strong.   Diane

1746242 tn?1318213302
by rockymoe, Dec 02, 2011
I Love It!!!! So meaninngful and positive. I Love my heppy family!

1856494 tn?1340546214
by libzo2, Dec 03, 2011
Thank you for such positive imagery.  I love how your head thinks and your heart ticks.  So lovely and timely.

317787 tn?1473362051
by Dee1956, Dec 04, 2011
Dear Karen, thanks so much for sharing, it really helps tremendiously I just finishd 12 week Incivek am on 13th week rough going

1654058 tn?1407162666
by crossroadsec, Dec 04, 2011
I see so many new faces on here. Glad you're all hanging in there! I'm on week 22 of 48. What a ride.
I took a long hike along a river. Breathless but moving. Climbed a huge cliff. Just cause I could. Slept for 3 hours this evening. Thank you for the feedback. We have to stick together. I love this community.
Jingle all the way, Karen :)

1669790 tn?1333666195
by flcyclist, Dec 04, 2011
Just when I begin to wonder how you're doing, you deliver this beautiful gem.  So nice to hear your positive spirit, Karen.  Hanging with you for the ride.  Hope all is well.  

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by Advocate1955, Dec 04, 2011
Thanks for the encouraging words.  I hope you are feeling well crossroadsec.

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