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No one else is cold. Yet i'm freezing.

Dec 01, 2011 - 2 comments








my skin is always colder than everyone else's. I was in calulus today and everyone sat in their seats normally and i was sitting there shivering trying to hold myself still. When other people are cold they look normal but when i'm cold i shake uncontrollably and my skin aches from the freezing temperature. everyone else was fine and i even had a sweater on. i was fine for a bit but then in drama i got cold again and my body ached again and i couldn't stay still. even when i sneeze or cough my entire body shakes from the force of it. Maybe it's nothing, does anyone else experience this?

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1924146 tn?1322799487
by madreaalacron, Dec 02, 2011
Since I had my thyroid removed, I too get cold.  Maybe you should get tyour tyroid levels checked. Low tyroid levelse can cause this.

1914355 tn?1323636574
by ShakingBeauty, Dec 02, 2011
ok i'll get that checked out, thanks :)

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