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Dec 02, 2011 - 0 comments

heavy af





The past few days have not been fun and been a little scary. My af has been heavy for at least the past 3 days. I have been debating on whether or not to call the doctors office and ask about it.
I have never experienced a heavy af before, only heavy bleeding after birth.
TMI zone: It has been bright red with lots of tiny and broken up clots. For the past 3 mornings it has poured out of me after getting up out of bed. I want to say it seems like it has slowed down a little bit but it is hard to tell since it's still heavy. Also I had lots of gas sun, mon and tues. And now whenever I get gas or have to go #2 I get some pain down on the left side.
I saw my doctor in september when I had the IUD removed, but before that was January. When I saw her then she wanted me to take Iron pills, Vitamin D pills and Calcium. I started slacking on that and hadn't taken any in quite a few weeks. When I noticed tuesday morning that I was having heavy bleeding I took a double dose of Iron. And I took a double dose on wednesday and I think I forgot to take any yesterday, was a busy day. I also started taking vit d and calcium again. Really I still feel drained and I think my hormones are just all bananas.

I checked my temp at 5am before getting out of bed. It was 96.89 the first time and I think 96.62 the second time on the other side of the mouth.
This week has been crappy as far as af is concerned.

MaGiCaL OvArY MaChiNe
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