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Dec 2, 2011   2 days left on Incivek !!!!

Dec 02, 2011 - 2 comments

2 days left... oh my word, I cant believe it .   Its getting closer and closer and all I want to do is just sleep this through to after my lab work is done on Monday.     I am starting to freak out a bit, the good thing is I slept all day.   Had some moderate back pain lower in my sacrum area, but I slipped on the hard woods yesterday and about bit the dust.   Cannot believe it has been almost 3 months.    Most of my sx have kind of mellowed out except for itching, fatigue and some nausea for the most part .      Going to try and chill through the weekend and keep busy if I can, if the fatigue & weakness get me I will read.   I am not going to let it get me down.      Gonna slay this Dragon.   :)

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by screaming48, Dec 03, 2011
good luck on the 12 week bloodwork :). I am also suffering with the blasted itch, was hoping that would be the first thing to go. kill the dragon!!!! anne

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by Advocate1955, Dec 04, 2011
Whoo hoo!  Is today your last day on Incivek?  Best wishes on your 12 week lab.

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