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Completely horrible to start

Dec 02, 2011 - 0 comments






My grandpas funeral is saturday. I wanted to wake up at 6:15 today but my boyfriend forgot to turn the alarm on. I woke up having to leave within a couple minutes. I was extremely shooken up as I rushed to do what I could. As I stand waiting for the greyhound bus to arrive, I start to get super shakey and a heavy feeling of nausea. I felt like I had to cry so very hard but I didnt. I don't know why or how I felt like that. I've ridden the greyhound several times. I don't know how that could be different other than the trip to my grandparents was to be 3 hours instead of the normal 5 hours. After I got on the bus and sat down for awhile I started to feel better. I fell asleep several times. And had to go to the bathroom as well several times. When I finally arrived I was completely better.

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