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Dec 04, 2011 - 1 comments



heavy bleeding





I think my temp was 97.09 and second time 97.22(I remember this one).
My AF seems to have disappeared? I haven't really bled today? It was definitely slowed yesterday. I took a shower and washed all my bits. Maybe I washed away what was left. I don't know. There really hasn't been much since then. I am glad I am not bleeding the way I was, anymore.
And I hope that I don't have these same issues if we aren't able to concieve this month.
We are going out to eat today to celebrate our youngest turning 2, her bday was friday. Exciting stuff!

MaGiCaL OvArY MaChiNe
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by countrygirl8281, Dec 04, 2011
Been reading your journals.....I had mirena removed Sept. 26th. My cycles are heavy for 3 days (bright red and very watery-thin) then yes they basically dry right up to a brownish discharge. I think that is normal though - it takes a while for our insides to build back up I'm sure. Keep trackimg your temps, it's neat to see patterns in your cycles. Good luck to you :)

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