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Dec. 4, 2011

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I am tapering on Opana ER.  I was on 40 mg Opana ER 3 times a day plus prns when needed.  I had 10 mg Opana prns and then 5 mg Opana prns.  I am now on a dosage of 20 mg  Opana ER 3 times a day plus the PRNs I need to make it.  I was taking a 5 mg. ER with the 20 mg. ER.  I just decided to cut that out because I want to have the 5 mg Opana ERs incase I ever had to emergency wean myself off of Opana.  The only way I could do it would be by having the 5 mg Opana ERs to make 15 mg Opana ER, 10 mg Opana ER and 5 mg Opana ER.  I have been thinking, and I need to save up 5 mg PRNs for such a purpose as that.  
   I have had some seriously rough patches while doing this taper.  One of the worse days was this past week.  I didn't sleep a wink that night.  I was in so much pain.  God makes it that we hurt a great deal when we don't sleep.  Strong motivator to take care of this need.  I believe the tiredness of that day greatly exerbated the pain of the withdrawal.  I have had various times of feeling so anxious that I have prayed for the peace of mind to string thoughts together.  It is so painful when you can't even think without being reminded of the the fear in your mind.

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