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Ending Week 12 on Inc   Dec 4 2011

Dec 04, 2011 - 4 comments

Sitting here looking at my Lab requisition for tomorrow and cannot believe that I have accomplished 12 wks of tx on inc.    I dont want to say it has been a cake walk.  Far from it, but I lived :)     With that being said, the question is " NOW WHAT" ????      My Fear is going to be the next few weeks of adjustment on my body with medication.   Obviously I will be only doing Peg & Riba now, but the biggest thing is adjusting my AD's and Anxiety meds back.   Due to the nature of Inc and Lexa pro I had to really pump up the AD and anxiety meds because of the Inc making the AD less potent. I guess I will just have to take it one day at a time and listen to my body and see what its lacking or needs.     Also, the Inc gave me a  more sleepy experience so it helped with some of the riba rage elements that came into play.  
I guess the biggest thing is just getting through to the results of my lab work and going from there.   I just know it will be UND.   I feel it.  Thank You Lord.   I know this is going to be a Blessing.   So many of us, striving for peace in our bodies and minds.  What a journey !   Wow is all I can say .... ....

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by Advocate1955, Dec 04, 2011
Livinontheedge, best wishes for a restful night, a quick and easy blood draw, and fantastic news in a few days.

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by screaming48, Dec 05, 2011
hoping the news will be good! I believe that it will be and congrats on finishing the incevik...anne

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by hondapatches, Dec 05, 2011
Congratulations on finishing incivek! It is one tough cookie at least for me it was. But I was so glad my last day, I kept thinking I needed to eat or wake up. lol Good luck with the bloodwk! It will be fine. God Bless

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by Livinontheedge, Dec 05, 2011
Patches,  You know the funny thing is in 12 weeks, I have not gained one ounce of weight.    Got on the scales today and weigh exactly what I started at in the first week of tx.       However, have you ever noticed the globby stuff in the viles of blood they draw.   I asked the tech what it was and she said do you really want to know.   She said it was fat in the blood.    I thought geesh, no wonder with all the fat I had been eating over the last 3 months.  
Any way, still waiting on results.   Yes, it has been one tough cookie and I am praying the next what ever will be easier !    
God Bless Ya, and many hugs :)  Carrie

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