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Oct 10, 2008 - 5 comments










I was diagnosed in Oct 2004 with COPD.. mine is chronic bronchitis and emphysema. I thought that was the worst that could happen.. I was wrong..Diagnosed with ORS in February of 2008.. Trying not to let depression take I am only 52 and I have many years left.. Learning to deal with the Anger and Pain. is not easy..when you are told you are unfixable.

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by wildflower53251, Oct 10, 2008
I am 53 yrs old now and I too was diagnosed with BOOP Bronchilitis Oblerterean Pneamonia and I had a lung biopsy done and they told me I had 6 months to live well it is now 2008 and that was in 1996. I am still here. Listen it will e alright I know because I lived thru a very terible depression at that time.  You must think positive and make a life changing commitment. I mean look at the solution and not the problem. It will be alright your lungs will heal themselves eventually but I do live in a smoke free enviroment  my choice of course I onlky take sinus medicine now. If you smoke quit now! I donot go anywhere where people are smoking..  It will be alright. I will pray for you God Bless You

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by Kritter56, Oct 10, 2008
Thank You...
You sound like a wonderful person and full of life.. I know Doctors are human and can be wrong...I am just trying so hard not to let the depression take hold of me. It does help to connect with others who actually live with this disease. Others try to be sympathetic..but not living  with the disease theirself it is hard for them to truly understand the tears and anger.
I am trying to stay away from smoke.. chemicals.. and my lungs are doing okay. Now if they could fix the ORS... or make the pain easier some days.. I think everything is going to be ok.. I am so glad you are still among us.. and enjoying your life.. Bless you.. Kritter

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by pete3867, Jan 29, 2010
amen to that

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by Steps, Jan 30, 2010
Yes a positive attitude is the best way to go.  And of course do the right things to take care of our health. My doctor and the nurses at the hospital told me most people who get diagnoised with this don't quit smoking. I have to learn how to use the inhalers and I am scared but i keep goin along and live with goals and such.  I am hoping to get the inhalers down to one. I am working on breathing excersises, walking. little bit daily.

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by pete3867, Jan 30, 2010
my heart goes out to all you wonderful people .. I was told I had a little bit of emphysema the other day and I WILL NEVER EVER smoke again in my life , I really cant understand folks who carry on smoking after such a diagnosis..I am only 42 but on the bright side I really cant say I get short of breath at all yet , I am hoping that with a permanent cessation of smoking and regular exercise I can live a relatively normal life ..I am scared too , for myself and my lovely lady , but I figure if I hadnt have pushed for the xray I would still be smoking , so in that respect it is a good thing ..stay strong people ...

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