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15 weeks 2days

Dec 07, 2011 - 0 comments



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15 weeks



yay medhelp has finally updated my tracker to 2nd trimester... so a quick update :) after 3 months of sooo called vaginal thrush and being in sooo much pain to go with all the rest went back to g.p to find i had dermatitis so was given cream and within 2 days it cleared yay back to my normal self and sleeping well etc still bit scared to have sex as im worried i may still be a bit sore.
but feeling much better.
bleeding from hematomas stopped have next scan booked for 4th january for girl or boy yay so theyll look and whats happeneing with them then.
tummy starting to feel like its tightening like a stretching feeling in lower tummy just below belly button im guessing bubs is moving his/her way up my tummy, still not really feeling any movement except when im relaxed ready to sleep sorta fluttering but enough to tell there a baby moving around in there.
looking forward to xmas with the family we move house s next week so can set our babys room up :) yay...

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