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Dec 06, 2011 - 1 comments




When I took my temp the past 2 days I had gotten up and closed the door or started the heater. Which only took less than 30 seconds. I forgot about taking my temp until after I had already quickly done those things.
I only spotted reddish af(normal color I'm more used too then how it was) when I wiped yesterday. Today it's been orangey or light brown only when I wipe and barely there. It seems like there was some CM in there but not a lot. I checked my cervix but I can't remember if it was yesterday or the day before. It did not feel sore like it had when I was bleeding a lot. It did still feel low and open.
I don't know exactly what kind of temp I aiming for but it seems too be slowly going down?? I think it's supposed to spike right before or after ovulation?? Anyway, I'm going to start using OPK as soon as I notice abundant CM.
Did a lot of stuff today and I am exhausted.

MaGiCaL OvArY MaChiNe
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by countrygirl8281, Dec 07, 2011
From what I have learned your temp may dip slightly right before ovulation then spike when it occurs. It should then stay a lighter higher unless AF is coming then temp heads back down. Also look for egg white cervical mucous. That's another sign of ovulation. It's will stretch between your fingers. I think it looks a little boogery.

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