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Dec 08, 2011 - 4 comments

Skin conditions








Genital Herpes

So, I have officially become obsessed with this website. For one, I like reading about other people’s experiences, makes me feel normal and not so alone.  If I can offer input, I will.  I feel like this is one of the few places I can talk about my medical problems freely without fear or judgment. Having a conversation about your genital herpes during happy hour with your girlfriends is not a big topic of discussion. Ya dig?? I can talk a little to my BF but he would just rather pretend that I don’t have GH than talk about it. Besides most of his facts are skewed because of the social stigma associated with GH. He was always the one who made fun of people with GH but now has to live with it (well me) and he even gets cold sores!!  My mother knows, but there are just some things I’d rather not discuss with my mother. Other than that, and the few past bfs that dumped me cuz of my GH, no one knows. I want to spread the word about GH and that its not that big of a deal as most people make it out to be. It’s a skin condition; like having acne or eczema! How many people are shunned for having those conditions?? Shoot, for even getting cold sores? So I figure I can start here with this website. I dont know everything about herpes nor do I claim being an expert, but living with it for over 5 years should give me some credit! :) We are all (or most of us) engaging in the same acts that spread this virus anyway so why should we be shunned for it! None of us are immune to it! If you have sex, even just once, you could be exposed! Yes, you can reduce your risks, yes if you’ve only been with one person your whole life then the likelihood of you getting it is small. But consider how many people your partners been with! There’s always a risk! It’s like that theory of "6 degrees of separation" or something. blah I’m rambling. That is all. :)

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by elvy66, Dec 08, 2011
Thankyou for your interesting post, I enjoy your outlook in life, I am lucky at the moment I am in good health, but I just found out my husband of 28 years has been screwing the 22yr old tart two doors down so god knows what I could of caught. Because of your post I am going to the doctors to have a full blood count.....You are an amazing person and dont let small minded people put you are you..... my son suffers from very bad acne and he has been stunned all his teenage life and it makes me very angry that these people cant see the wonderful man he really all the best in the future and if you ever want to talk I will be here.....I am a little older (45) but my hearing is still luck with everything....Linda

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by stephl81, Dec 09, 2011
Well, Im sorry to hear that your husband has been cheating on you! :( When you go for your STD test make sure to ask for a herpes type select IgG blood test in addition to the other screenings. Most providers do not routinely test for herpes because its not a life threatening disease.  Not sure what the practice is in Australia, though. He should be tested as well.  If he is not willing to get tested, stop having sex with him and buy a vibrator!

I guess I should retract my statement that "people with bad acne dont get shunned" because you right, they do. I guess for me, its really easy to hide my condition because its below the pants. Only those I want to know, know. As far as your son, he cant hide it. Poor guy!! I hope his acne clears up so he can become a confident young man! Good luck.

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by tedabell, Jan 31, 2012
to stephl this is tedabell I would just like to say that you are such a amazing person. I read your obsessed journal entry and I was blown away by it. I really like what you had to say about this genital herpes the ways in which people view it as well as the way they view individuals with it. It is really a shame how people look at this virus. They don't stop to think for a second would they like it if someone treated them ugly just because of a skin condition it don't make any sense what so ever. I remember when I had to tell my friend about my condition I was scared to death and didn't know how to tell him but I had enough courage to tell him and he accepted the virus as well as me. In a way I thought he would but I was some kind of scared but I felt better afterwards. Telling someone that you are HSV2 positive is very difficult but if you care for them enough you need to tell them even if you don't it's just the right thing to do. I had to tell another friend of mind about a year ago and it was not a good experience we talked a little but I never heard from him after I told him we were together at the time. I thought he was understanding and mature enough to handle the situation but I guess he was just focused on my condition.I  understand that people react and respond to things differently and I guess from some men perspectives if they want to become intimate they feel that they are taking a risk which they are but there's a lot of protection out there or maybe they aren't educated enough about std's. I guess it's the I don't have it so what do I need to read about it for idea. I don't know but I hope there are some men out that that have their thinking caps on and understand that this is a person a human being not just see as your condition.

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by Distractions, Mar 08, 2012
I'm waiting back for my results of what appears to be my first outbreak. I am stressed out. I've had my nose in google for almost a week looking up anything/everything I possibly can..... I'm in serious denial that it's herpes.... holding onto a slight chance it's not but it's doubtful. Waiting for the results so I can move' killing me.

I'm in a new city right now half way across the world from friends and family. I'm looking for work and have no friends yet and when I do make some obviously wont be telling I have herpes lol...I'm so thankful for the internet that I can talk to a close friend from back home and find boards and sites loaded with information and people to share with like these.

I too have become kinda obsessed with this website. :D Thanks for this entry. I agree 100 percent.

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