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Yap dec8

Dec 09, 2011 - 3 comments




Well had a good sleep but still feel very tired and sore,goin to see hepatogist on Tuesday ,I hope he can help with how I'm feeling phyically.i can ramble here :)I still feel very quiet I just stay in bed, I'm not depress I just have no energy,and feel sicker when I'm up walkin around.I went to the docs yesterday for my reglar needles for my back and one of pationts had to go in ambluance,overdose,or having a break down of some kind.I found this very upsetting started shaking really bad,I waited around to make sure he was okay :( it was just sad to see,he is a very good guy.Then I came home looked at my house and wanted to cry.My floors are dirty and dishes pilin make dinner that I don't even eat:/and dishes left for me to wash...I just feel so frustraded.I don't enjoy feeling like everywhere I look has to be cleaned.I figure clean house means your doin okay,when its not...well no need to finish this sentence lol.Wish I could just hide in a room somewhere and sleep and when a awake...I will see the cleaning fairy has done her majical cleaning stuff and left with the glitter shine lol,my legs feel very heavy today and still pins and needles in my feet.My docs back on Tuesday all talk to her then before my hepatolist :) fun fun I think I need some sun lol

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910090 tn?1332167460
by starshine1ca, Dec 10, 2011
Hey there!  Don't sweat the small stuff, so they say..:-)  I have dust bunnies living with me and as long as I don't start talking to them, I am okay with it...hehehe  Glad to hear you are going to see your hematologist soon!  I too lack energy and have alot of muscle aches.  Are you doing medication yet?  

Maybe you can hint around you want a Cleaning  Fairy for Christmas!! *smile*   That would be a great gift!! I want one too! :-)  

Hugs, Starshine

1923802 tn?1331986928
by Dannigirl69, Dec 10, 2011
The perfect gift lol,no energy for Christmas lol desont wash lol.Can only do,what ya can :)Feelin like I want green smarties lol.have a good day:)

1923802 tn?1331986928
by Dannigirl69, Dec 10, 2011
And no I'm just in new process of getting things looked after,not looking forward to treatment that's for sure:( lol) better to laugh then I cry about it I guess..

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