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another trip to the er

Dec 09, 2011 - 2 comments


i started having very sharp stabbing pains just to the left of my stomch.  i was hoping they would go away on their own but they didn't; they got worse.  then i started vomiting. i was up the er from around 11 ish until 3 when they kicked me out.  right before that they gave me a goodie bag.   2 percocets and 4 zofrans to hold me over until i get to the pharmacy for the rest.

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1751294 tn?1332287065
by tygerose, Dec 10, 2011
I hope you feel better.  What did they say it was?  Is it the flu?  If you would like to add me as a friend, I'd like that.  Have a good day and be well.

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by Linda458, Dec 11, 2011
they did a cat scan and said it showed NOTHING.  story of my life.  i have all kinds of pain and nothing ever shows up.  i'm sorry to come across as so rude to you.  i'm just horribly frustrated by all of this.

i have no idea how to add someone so if you add me i will accept you as a friend.  thanks.


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