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Dec 09, 2011 - 2 comments




Good news.  My HGB didn't drop any further.  It didn't improve, but it didn't get worse.  Maintained at 10.7.  Although short of breath, I can handle this.  I walked today, and found I no  longer can handle the hills.  Flat ground walking for me.  waiting for a call regarding my viral load.  Last 2 draws it was <43. My NP said it is not considered undetectable as it s still quantifiable.  Still waiting for the magic UND results.

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by belle19, Dec 15, 2011
i hope you get to hear those magic results UND!  my doctor called me yesterday and said my hgb went down to 9.5.  i was wondering why i was out of breath just changing the sheets on 2 beds.  they're lowering the riba dose for 2 weeks to see how i do.  and then they'll do another draw.  

i can't remember what you're on.  is it the triple tx?  i'm sending you hugs and prayers for a great result.  you deserve it.  best wishes.  belle

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by Diane1186, Dec 15, 2011
Good Morning.  I have my doctors appt today.  I am on Triple Tx Incevik .  My hgb dropped slightly this week.  Went from 10.7 to 10.4. My NP has already put me on 325 mg of iron, and reduced my RIBA down to 800mg.  She email me yesterday and said because I have genotype 1a my VL has to be <7.1 to be cinsidered undetectable.  As of last week I am at <43.  I had another VL drawn Tuesday.  

I dont know how you do it with a hgb 9.5.  I hate the feeling of being out of breath or the struggle to walk up a hill.   I now find flat places to walk, like moonlight beach during low tide.  :).

I do hope and pray that your blood counts will improve.  It's a beautiful morning, sun is out, birds are singing .......wishing you great health.  Hugs, Diane

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