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Dec 09, 2011 - 0 comments






I wasn't able to take my temp wed or thursday. Todays temp isnt accurate either. I had been woken up for at least 20 minutes because I had to get the girls ready for school. I laid down and took my temp anyway. The first time it was 96.85, second time on the other side of tongue was 97.26 and last time tesing was 97.72(this one took longer). I figured I would use the first temp.
On another note: I have been a little sick. I have a minor sore throat thats worse first thing in the morning and I have been mucusy.

I think I started having mucus around wednesday. It was barely there then. I have had sticky type mucus and there has been a little bit of creaminess. Sometimes I wish I could put sticky and creamy but it's not an option.
I went ahead and took an opk first thing this morning just to see what would show. I did see a faint test line. So that's good news.
Hubby and I dtd last night but it was protected since we are trying for a boy. The way I see it, we already bought the OPK so we might as well use it!
Hopefully I can remember to temp tomorrow morning!
Good luck december BDers!

MaGiCaL OvArY MaChiNe
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