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Week 14 Post INC 12/12/11 Monday

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Started Week 14 today, just took shot.   Changed Riba doses to 8 hours a part during daylight hours.  Hopefully tonight I will have a great nights sleep with no sx.    Days have been getting better.   Itching is pretty well gone, a little rash here and there , but no big deal.   Nausea coming every now and then, but nothing a ginger chew or good heave wont take care off.    Fireeah is GONE !       Water still gives me upset stomach and nausea so drinking in moderation but still trying to keep enough of it in me.   Muscle aches and pains have lessens a bit with stretching and some better posture and more movement.   Really working on staying positive and not falling in to family drama & stress situations.    If I dont take care of ME, nobody is going to.    A person , even a family member can see me and if I am smiling or in a good mood they think I can run a tri-athalon , go shopping , go to Branson and walk the mall 5 times.   Not so yet !   They just dont get what chemical therapy does to a person.   However , I wouldnt say I wouldnt try to do a little of something , but I think at this point housework is the limit.  
Another decent day & looking forward to a Happy Week !  

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by Dee1956, Dec 30, 2011
Hi, I just read this and can really relate, if someone sees you do something they think you are "all better" I have had the same thing.  My husband saw me standing and thought, oh she is feeling better.  While that may be true you still do not feel "well"
I never knew that there were different degrees of not feeling well, I thought a person was sick or feeling fine ha ha, that is what I get for thinking
Thank you so much for sharing your journey

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