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Dec 14, 2011 - 4 comments







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So, we had our Ultrasound, and we're having a baby BOY!!!

All is well, everything is perfect in fact, which is such a relief!

Due to my age, there was a 1 in 65 chances of Down's or other anomolies, but the tests done on myself, and a good look at the baby, means that has now changed to a 1 in 2,500 chance - Equivalent to a woman in her twenties, HOW GREAT IS THAT???!!!


Our little Angel :o)
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1706625 tn?1343061713
by annaluna, Dec 16, 2011
Aweee cute!! So now you get to pick a name and decide :)  
I was tested for the Downs and others as well on the 14th they said it could take 2 weeks for results and if i don't hear anything by the time my next appt in January 11th, that everything is great!. Congratulations on your baby boy :)  

1715604 tn?1332089576
by NatM80, Dec 16, 2011
I know!!!!

We picked a name, Max!  Can't agree on any other, so let's hope our next is a girl, as we have a name picked out for a girl too!

Yes, I was told 10 days for results - Had them at my Docs, but when I phoned them, they said they'd sent results to the hospital, so I didn't find out till Wednesday.  SUCH a relief - There was a greater risk cos of my age, but it seems due to my bloodworks and a really good look at the baby, my chances of Down's is really tiny now.  So happy!

I hope your results are good too - I'm sure they will be, you're a lot younger than me!

Thank you, we've bought a few things, inc a travel system which arrived today - Just got to figure out how to assemble and use the thing, lol!

Keep in touch, I want to know the minute you find out what you're having!!

Love N xxxx

1941420 tn?1324049178
by mom2evan, Dec 20, 2011
My sons name is Evan...but Max is great!

1715604 tn?1332089576
by NatM80, Dec 21, 2011
I love Evan, my friends little boy is called that, it's a beautiful name :o)  x

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