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Dec 14, 2011 - 1 comments

I just need to vent! I had a progesterone test done on Monday. I called Tuesday to check on the results and left a message at the nurses station. No one ever called. I called back at 4 right before they closed and asked the front desk why I had not been contacted and they said it was because they were waiting on the doctor to look at the results. OK... fine. I called today and they asked me if I did an OPK and if it was positive and when. I said no and they asked when I think I ovulated. I said I was unsure but had started cramping on CD 9. She asked what day I was on now I said CD 23. She said that she would speak to the doctor and call me back..... The office is now closed and I have not heard from her yet. I still don't know what my level was and I am completely unsure what those questions meant.

My guess is either
1- He doesn't think that I ovulated because my levels are low.
2- My levels are high.

Either way I am so frustrated! If I didn't ovulate why in the heck have I felt so sick and had cramps all month? Why didn't the nurse just tell me my level so that I cold at least google some answers! Ugghhhhhhhhh!

OK I feel a little better!

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by Marten2009, Dec 14, 2011
i get aggrivated as well when they dont call back. They called me back right at closing and apparently it went to voicemail on the cell, so she's supposed to call me back tomorrow!

Hopefully we both get some answers!

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