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i need your prayers

Oct 11, 2008 - 7 comments

i really need your prayers
i am really gettin down
i cry alot
i feel alone all the time even when my hubby is around
i just have alot goin on in my life and i am sad, stressed out, tired, and in pain and the list goes on
please pray for my family and me

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by irrelevance, Oct 12, 2008
I do not pray, sorry. But I will be thinking of you. Have you seen a Dr. yet? Get into counseling, possibly on anti-depressants. There is no shame in it! I am in counseling, my mom and step dad are both on meds! It may help you out. Please don't go it alone!

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by snoozies43, Oct 12, 2008
I love ya girl...:O)

I do pray ..and maybe it is time for you to seek some help for the stress you are going through. why not? You certainly wouldn't be the first one to need that. Get a friend there that can help you, check in on you. There is HOPE!. In these trying times let alone what you are going through, it has many folks stressed.

Cry, call someone, go for walks... GET OUT of the house and walk for half hour with the lil one if need be. What have you done for you? hmm? soothing bath, soft music, turn the tv off for quiet time? Take the phone OFF the hook! lol sereiously.

You have to much input and not enough output...kinda get what i mean? Slowww the id down... empty your thoughts ...."Just Be". STay in the moment ad do what you can "Just for today". Do not think that things will never get better. They will...maybe not in the way we think they are "suppose" to be..but in the way God has it intended for us.

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by therese83, Oct 12, 2008
You do not have to suffer like this.  There is very good treatment available.

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by redneckgurl, Oct 12, 2008
thank you all
i will most likely see a doc wants i get back to my home state
Which is in a month and 4 days (Nov 16)

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by snoozies43, Oct 12, 2008
wooohoooo Nov16th? Ok in the meantime if you do not wish to see a doctor...pleaseee do the little suggestions offered.:)

even a mild anxiety medicine would be helpful for you at this time.

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by bell124, Oct 12, 2008
hi redneckgirl,.........funny i dont pray for myself ,....but if anyone needs a prayer youve got one ,............can i just say i think you are waiting  a long time to see a d,r,.........this hasn't just come on you you've had it allready ,......but its getting worse and you need to talk to someone about this now,.....and not in 4 weeks from now , dont know how you will feel tomorrow never in 4 weeks time ,..........i can give you all the prayers you want but you need a d,r,also,.......take care and mind yourself ,.............snoozies43,...has given you good information please use it ,......

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by maggie571, Oct 12, 2008
Hi you are in my prayers. please take care.

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