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Im so excited!!!

Dec 14, 2011 - 3 comments





Please Read

right now at my meth clich the last that knew of i was at 29 mg, and now i am blind dosing, cause I don't to know what my mg is, i want to see if its phycological or if its what we think is going to happen etc..... and im going down 3 to 5 mg's every 5 days and i have been doing this for almost three weeks now and i haven''t felt any withdrawl excpt the one min im hot the next min im cold, and im having a little bit of sleeping problems, but that is going to happen.....Im almost off of mehadone. I decided NOT to get on subutex or suboxone, why be addicted to something else? All of u been great on helping me.. My doc is giving me clodine to help also(just a blood pressure pill). any comments or concerns anyone have?

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1235186 tn?1339127464
by atthebeach, Dec 14, 2011
oh trista i am so happy to read this. i am so proud of glad you are feeling good and not feeling the withdrawal. that is awesome. you are doing fantastic. when do you think you will be done with the meth clinic?? i am so excited that you decided NOT to go on suboxone. that is great news. that will be the best decision in the long run. the clonindine will definitely help.
have you been counseling or going to meetings?
sending hugs and continued prayers

193905 tn?1325400789
by redbull, Dec 14, 2011
That's AWESOME! it's about over. Slow, slow slow and all will be well. Clonidine keeps BP under control and will help some w w/d. You're about done, be excited and feel wonderfull but still go slow. Don't forget to look up in the sky tomorrow and say "Good Job God" and take a little credit for yourself too. VERY COOL!

1416133 tn?1351126817
by ImDONENoMore, Dec 14, 2011
Don't get me wrong - I also believe in g-d.

But why does g-d ALWAYS get the credit when something good happens?  Maybe WE could take that credit every once in a while.  It's certainly been earned.


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