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Holidays are exhausting

Dec 16, 2011 - 2 comments

I thought I would check in with everyone.  The holidays are completely exhausting me!  Cody is not doing too well.  He no longer goes to school again, he really only made it a few days after returning from the Mayo before crashing.  He is scheduled for 3 classes next semester, in the afternoons, and then 3 on line classes.  I just pray he can at least make it to those 3 classes.  The colder it gets outside, it seems the worse he feels.

Some of his friends he made at the Mayo are coming for a visit the week after Christmas, 4 or 5 of them.  They are in contact daily and have remained close.  It is really very cool how these kids are actually following up on meeting again.  At the Mayo they all planned to have a road trip to meet up, in St Louis since we are centrally located, and they are doing it.  Hopefully they are all well enough to do some things, site see, go up in the Arch,etc..And hopefully they are able to pull Cody out of the funk he seems to be in.  He only perks up when they are all skypeing with each other.

He is almost done with all of his classes for the semester.  This is the least we've been behind for years!  I think he is finally getting to realize it is easier to not fall so far behind.  Plus, I do crack that homework whip frequently.  

I still have a lot of shopping to do and haven't wrapped anything yet.  It is going to be a very busy weekend trying to finish it all up.

How is everyone else?

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by enzymelover, Dec 16, 2011
Hi!  Yup, I'm so tired every day now, and I'm not even leaving the house! Lots of in-house holiday cleaning, decorating, reorganizing, cleaning, up late buying gifts online, cleaning (did I mention cleaning?)  And still, we don't have a tree up yet, because the only place in the house where we have room for it, the electrical sockets don't work. The electricians have been out here twice (they're coming again today) and haven't been able to locate the problem. It's an old house, no attic, no basement, no crawlspace, and the faulty wires are inside the wall so.........
No power to the fridge either, so we have a thick extension cord running across the kitchen floor, to another socket. (I keep stepping on it in bare feet - owwww!)

I think it's wonderful that Cody is keeping up with school. Casey has barely looked at the GED book, and I do need to get after him to get working on it. If he gets depressed because of it, well, we'll just have to deal with it.
I'm hoping Casey will be able to make some new friends in the flesh, not just have virtual friends online, when he gets into PT. If not, then some other club or something. He craves connecting with people, and yet does not want to go out, because of the physical exhaustion it causes.

I am done with my shopping (all online). I've spent lots of money we don't have, and hubby has no job yet. We do have some stock to sell so that we can pay COBRA and keep our medical ins., but I'm getting worried now that Dec. 20th is just a few days away.

I gotta go. I think the electricians are here.
Good to hear from you!   I'll post again before christmas. I've got some good news.

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by tdavidson, Dec 16, 2011
Hi Ladies!  I hear ya! The holidays are exhausting but I bring a lot on myself.  I have been in three craft fairs with two of my friends since October. The last one started today and ends tomorrow.  I haven't even made all my christmas cards to send! LOL...We have had our tree up since the weekend before thanksgiving - it was all Brian.  He wanted it up for the company we had for thanksgiving!  Of course there is still fall stuff up too.  

After tomorrow I have a lot of cleaning and present wrapping to do.  I think I will be safe sending Brian out for the rest of the gifts - except for his I guess...which I really only need stocking stuffers for anyway! Yay...I want to do some baking but my waistline screams NOOOOOO!   I seriously need more exercise.

Whitney's still on this crazy painful rollercoaster ride.  She has good hours again not days. That stinks.  We are taking her to the Cleveland Clinic pediatric pain management center on January 10th for an evaluation.  We'll see how it goes...she could get admitted for two weeks inpatient and one week outpatient but that is dependant on insurance and the evaluation.  I talked to Dr Jones her old pm doc that went there. He said it would be a good fit for her and most likely it would be outpatient....that would be preferable to me!  But we will see...

Gotta go sleep...long day tomorrow.

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