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testing in am

Dec 16, 2011 - 1 comments

Due to how late implantation can occur with late ovulation, I'm testing in the morning. I've got a weird feeling it's gonna come up positive...but am kinda hopin it's a wrong weird feeling

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by worriedbabe, Dec 17, 2011
Totally forgot on my first morning wee so testing again tomorrow. I just want an explanation for what the hell my body's been doing and the party my hormones had for nearly two weeks. It's only settled over the past few days, but before that my moods were ridiculous. I've always known what was goin on with my body before this. This one has me totally stumped. I wish i'd had a normal bleed with clots so i could've ruled out being pregnant and looked at other possibilities. I'm still on a great big fat i don't know:(

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