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37.4 weeks Appnt.

Dec 18, 2011 - 9 comments

Baby's doing good, weighs around 6.8 pounds and seems 2b enjoying it inside.
cervix is closed, no contractions, effacement or dilation whatsoever. For that, he mentioned the possibility of a c-section explaining that the baby's weight is good but a lil big for my size, also the fact that my cervix hasn't changed since last appnt. (two weeks ago)

He also said that I did develop some sort of pregnancy rash and that since its not itchy he's not going to interfere until I give birth if it doesnt go away on its own.

next visit in two weeks rather than next week unless something new comes up.....was kinda bummed by that..but at least I know baby's fine!

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by princessren88, Dec 18, 2011
I wouldn't worry about no dilation or efface meant just yet some only progress once labour starts. And you still have time to progress. Im 39 weeks and barely get any Braxton hicks which is also normal. Hopefully you'll have some progress next appt!!!

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by haz1104, Dec 18, 2011
Thank u ..I seriously don't mind having a c-section but If i was destined to one..y wait all this time?..u no what i mean?. baby's supposed 2b engaged by now and it seems like he's not planning on doing that anytime soon. his head was lying on my left side n now its on my right..dunno y he totally ignored my pelvic bone when turning lol..just hope SOMETHING happens by next week to feel better about it.

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by Marlene76, Dec 18, 2011
I'm pretty sure I was the same way with my son (my first) and my water broke at exactly 39 weeks and I delivered later that day. :) you never know what is going to happen.

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by haz1104, Dec 18, 2011

woow! u always gimme good news! did u do anything to encourage labour? cuz i haven't honestly..

Thank u SO much for ur support Ladies u r the BEST!


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by moni21, Dec 18, 2011
I'm due on Xmas and as of last Monday, baby hadn't dropped, cervix was completely closed and baby and nothing was changing from the previous appointment. Baby was continue to grow and dr. said that was fine. For both my other boys my body didn't do anything until the day labor actually started. I wouldn't stress too much about it. Your body and baby are just letting you know that it and he is not ready to enter the world. You have plenty of time. : )

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by tryingfor1sttime815, Dec 18, 2011
I never dilated or effaced with my first either until labor began then it went fast!  

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by haz1104, Dec 19, 2011

Thank u Ladies, u made me feel much better. hope I turn out like u and prove him wrong! lol


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by zazou, Dec 20, 2011
I had no dilation or effaced cervix on the day I was induced, it doesn't mean anything, I actually discussed this with my midwife, it often starts when you're in labour. Regarding the c-section, I'm in the opinion that Dr's are way to quick with suggesting them. My daughter was born at exactly 39 weeks by induction and was huge (I'm average height but thin). She was 56 cm (22 in) and weighed 4060 g (8.9 lbs), we never expected her to be so huge and I gave birth naturally, no drugs whatsoever. BTW some babies don't engage until labour commences.

You'll be fine, he will come when he 's ready :-)

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by PetiteWonder, Dec 21, 2011
there is no rule that the baby had to have been engaged two weeks ago to come vaginally...  plus baby weight gain slows down after 37 weeks so he might not get too much bigger....  either way have a safe delivery

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