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Jus cant start worrying

Dec 18, 2011 - 1 comments

This moring I had pinkish brownish blood and really really bad cramping and rite now I started to bleed a little with few cramps and im lost and confused....I really want this child,It took me six years to finally get pregnant and now that Im...all i can do is cry and I know God wouldnt give me this baby to take it away -Please God Im begging with tears n my eyes to move da devil hands off my baby n my body!!

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by MeYeah, Dec 19, 2011
Sometimes, you get challenges to overcome so you can appreciate the time when things are good. I really pray this is your time but remember that NOW, you've seen pregnancy is possible for you! It happened. It took a while but maybe your body was adjusting.

I also want to go on to say that a lot of women that miscarry do go on to get pregnant as soon as they get back to ttc after the wait the doctors suggest.

I have had some bleeding during my pregnancy as well. So far so good. So i hope that yours is the same. you have another appointment this week?

You are in my thoughts and prayers. good luck. Stick stick baby dust!!

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