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Taking things a bit more seriously

Dec 19, 2011 - 0 comments

**FYI - I try not to censor myself**

Today I will begin by saying that I haven't really taken this whole Trying to Conceive thing very seriously.  I mean it's not like I don't want to start a family, but it's more that I have fallen into the same line of thinking that many American's have, "if it happens, great, if now, ok ..." sort of just rolling the dice.  Well, I have been rolling the dice for about a year now and haven't really had anything more then snake eyes.  So my New Year's resolutions are a followed:

1.  Enjoy the outdoors more, take more walks in the park, spend more time playing with my dogs, have a picnic once in a while.
2.  Spend quality time by myself.  
~This may seem a bit trite, but I really don't enjoy the time I spend alone, I am always looking for people to spend time with and almost avoiding being alone.  Not quite sure why I do it, but I do.
3.  Actively participate is sex.  
~Ok, ok, it's not like I just lay there, but my mind wonders... I start thinking about what I need to do in the house, people I haven't spoken and should really call or what I should make for dinner.  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't enjoy sex or that my has a small member, I just can't seem to keep my head in the game ... so to say.
4.  Take an Active roll in my fertility.
~This means taking my temperature when I wake up eveyday and not just once or twice a month - which does no good.  I need to really get a handle on when I ovulate and not just try to time sex, but actually want to have more sex.

So yeah, I guess that's where I am with that.  I will be updating this journal more frequently and look forward to begining a dialogue with people regarding their journey ...

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