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Dec 20, 2011 - 0 comments


Well I guess id better intrduce myself. Computer dont work so well cursior jumps all over the plae so not al of this is my bad speeling ha hha I am 51 have tryed 3 doctors they want treat me. One because my liver and organs could not take the strane and over is......well I have mental issues spicho complete with hilagation. They had  tjo rush to to the hospital abbout 6 months ago. Was in a coma when I started coming out people were talking backwards. No not jibberless but actualy backwords I could recognize the simple words like the and so and suck. I died twice and each t to a different place. But I romissed God I would NOT ever tell what I saw. It could cused a persoo lose there faith. See there are things you see but also things you feel. I have always been strong in my faith somewhat. But now thatI understand what I experienced its like Ivebeen changed into a warrior for God. I have challenged a few in myforim.But ya see I have God as imy right hand so to speak. I understand it now  ianThat is as muchas I c understand while in this human body.God and love and yes even music fills the soul. Well I have 2 of those so doing pretty good :-)     Later     JIm

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