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There is definitely someone in there...

Dec 20, 2011 - 0 comments

5 weeks




First Appointment





Best thing I heard today! (from my doctor)

I am having a great day! Our appointment went well, I am about 5 weeks because I have a longer cycle, we still got to see a 'black bubble' on the ultrasound though :)) our baby is sooo tiny. In two weeks we will go again and should be able to see the baby! I cant wait!

After the appointment we went to get my present, hubby wanted to show me what he liked and have me pick, I got blue earings, some kind of stone but I cant remember what it is called, then we went and got two slices of cake and took them home, put candles on them (a 2 and a 5) and ate it with ice cream. After hubby gets back we are going out to dinner. Mexican food! So excited! It has been a great day!

Tomorrow I have school and then we are maybe going to look at an appartment. In the evening is the company Christmas party! Cant wait!! Hopefully no one will notice me turning down wine ;) We want to wait a bit to tell any one and I really want our parents to be the firsts to find out :)

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