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Weird dreams

Dec 20, 2011 - 0 comments




I had at least 2 dreams last night. You know how you go trick or treating for halloween? Well, the one dream was of me and MY family, my husband and our kids, walking through a town. It was like we were walking from one place to another.
The other dream, had 2 spiders in it. It was in a duplex/townhouse my parents used to live in over 10 years ago. They are seperated now and were not in the dream. My husband, MIL and FIL were upstairs. My 2 older children were in the dream at some point.
*There is a basement, the washer, dryer and second refridgerator are down there. It is also used for storage. Once when my sister and I had gone downstairs we saw a large spider on our way back to go upstairs. It was on the wall and we were worried it would jump at us/on us if we went too close. We did end up running by.
^I am not sure if this is why I had the dream I did?

I was in the basement by myself. I can't remember if I was going upstairs or just saw it on the wall. It was a "scorpion spider". Not the ACTUAL one. It had a scorpion tail but still looked like a spider. It was black with yellow on it's body. It jumped towards me and when I looked down I couldn't see it. Then it was back on the wall and jumped towards me again. It did it a few times. After I could not see it anymore, I saw another one. A "normal" type house spider, except a little on the large side. It was grayish. It did the SAME thing. They never actually jumped ON me. And when I have googled dreams about spiders they all talk about them jumping ON you or biting you.
It was really strange. I just about jumped each time it came at me, to the point of stumbling/falling down sometimes. But really I felt like it didn't want to hurt me, not intentionally. Very odd. I really do not know what to make of it.
I thought I would post it because I'll probably forget about it over time.

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