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Dec 21, 2011 - 0 comments

Severe pain


tired of the pain



Came to sit with Jenny today. She was in great spirits today. Gave her meds at 12 pm and made her eat ramen noodles which resulted in her getting nauseas. I will be looking for some mild foods that her body can handle. After eating ain peaked but now she is laying down resting.
She expressed her feelings about the foods she is eating and what they do to her and the strick schedule Sherry has her on. She says the pain is unbearable and her mom wants her to lay down but she rather sit and smoke through the episodes of severe pain.

Jenny finally broke down and confided in me about the pain. She wants to be strong for her mom but the ain is overwhelming and never stops. She prays just for 5 minutes of relief to catch her breathe. She agreed to do a video today of her expresssing what she feels instead of me going and telling someone how she feels.

Honestly, I feel helpless. I cannot stand to see her in this type of pain. I want help........ I am wondering if there is some type of block they can give that

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