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Dec 13, 2011 - 1 comments

Finally.  Viral load results from Dec. 13th, undetectable.  Since I was not undetectable during the first 4 weeks, I will need to treat for 48 weeks instead of 24.  I thought as long as I was undetectable during the Incivek phase I would treat for 24 weeks.  Oh well, I will just need to suck it up and take each day as it comes.  Still doing a happy dance.

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by Anandaji, May 09, 2012
Hi Diane.
I wanted to check in and see how tx is going for you?
I was also scheduled for 24 weeks but my 4 Wk VL was 14 and my dr is recommending extending tx. I am in wk15, so 2 weeks off of Incivek. Tx has been very rough on  me. It has gotten easier since dropping the Incivek. But I had my heart set at 24 weeks and I am considering stopping there. I am confused and scared.  Do you know of any studies/statistics that would show the % of SVR for those who had very little VL at wk 4 and completed tx at 24 weeks?

All the best to you and your healing.

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