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20 grams

Dec 22, 2011 - 2 comments

20 grams of fat x's 3 ?!?! Good grief. When doing SOC my diet changed by cutting out beef, and pork (plus cat, the other white meat) because of the fat, iron, and the extra difficulty the liver may have processing it. Also cut down on other sources of fat using fatty liver as a reason. The biggest sources of fat has been block cheese. Gotz to have cheese. Now with 3x tx coming in Jan., I'm looking at labels counting grams of fat and I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tellz ya. At first blush 20 grams is looking to be a whole lot more than I was guessing and 60 grams a DAY?? I lost 40 lbs on SOC and still had room to lose another 20, maybe 30. Having gained back 20 lbs I was looking forward to losing another 40 lbs this time around. Ok, it's a side issue. There's 9 grams in an ounce of cheese so a lb last 2 days? Impossible. Good news is ... Craklins are on the menu again!! Very salty though, may have to make that sacrifice .. fried pig fat yummmm .. Gumbo! ... Blue Bell Vanilla, 1 cup = 18 fat grams. Actually, I don't want this diet back. At the end of 12 weeks I could hang LED's on my sides and scroll text like the Goodyear blimp. Can't help but think I'm missing something.

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by Dee1956, Dec 22, 2011
Hi there, thanks again for helping me the other day when I could not get my meds, started calling on Nov 23 got them just in time on Saturday but delivered 5 blocks away, luckily to a neighbor who knew me and brought the meds

About the 20 grams of fat, yes it is a lot, I did not realize until I started, and it needs to be food, not just fat.  I am a diabetic and was horrified that my diet was now going to do a 180, where I was on low fat, low carbs, no sugar I was now having to eat fat.  I tried a few things and came up with 3 tablespoons of peanut butter on two small apples.  I was trying to eat healthy, sometimes it would be a couple of eggs, a slice of toast with butter, a glass of milk.  At first all I could do was eat one thing with 20 g of fat.  As time went on I realized I could combine different foods that had 5 grams of fat or so.  Mile is a good one though you still need to have food.
I wish you the best of luck and I will be here for you all the way!!
Hope you do not mind but the best thing you can buy are some wet wipes/baby wipes.  Then benedryl for itching (you may not have it however better to be prepared)  for dry mouth (if you gt it) biotene makes some great products.  I read mylanta was good to swish in mouth for sores.  Can't think right now but will look at my list, if you are interested and get back to you

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by Dannigirl69, Dec 22, 2011
Oh no , itch attacks :O is this one of the side effects,I suffered from itch attacts for a coulpe of years ,running to the doc for a shot,drove me insane lol and everyone around me.oh god...not likin this,but like the fact that all lose some weight :)need to lose 20 pounds anyway,lol hey maybe all get into my 2 piece this summer .yay lol my highlight :)hope your days are goin better Dannixo  

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