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confusing cycle after miscarriage

Dec 22, 2011 - 2 comments

well I have been tracking my ovulation since having a miscarriage and had two positive opks at day 15/16 or so I thought, I also experenced nausea on those day which I do when ovulating, then the following week I started experiencing mild cramping, so I thought yay implantation was happening, did a couple of pregnancy tests around day 12/14 and were negative, so for the hell of it did an opk on day 31 of my cycle and a second line came up, not as trong as the control line though, so get up today do some stuff do another test and its come up as dark as the control line ! had a little bit of nausea the last couple of days but nothin like with the earlier opks, so it looks as though I may have ovulated twice in the one cycle 16 days apart, will do another one tomorrow to see whats going on... hmmm

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by stacey10, Dec 29, 2011
oh well 6 days after the second positive opk, I have started my period, so let 2012 get here so the rollercoaster ride starts again :)

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by angelstar2, Sep 14, 2012
Dont worry women do ovulate 2 in one cycle its called superfetation.. you can get pregnant the second time during ovulation while being pregnant... for example miscarriage the first baby, still have symptoms of nausea two weeks later... still pregnant... doctors always missed that... especially if u had miscarried before. ..

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