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Life at the Jones' Residence

Dec 22, 2011 - 1 comments

So, I have been gone for ages. Mostly due to dedicating a majority of time to my middle son (Tristan) as his mental health has fractured and has required much attention while we worked at finding a solution to assist him in his daily functioning. I have to say, he changed my stance on medication in children as without it, he would likely be in a mental health facility.

Add to that a major injury sustained in Sept 2010, which has thus far resulted in 3 surgeries on my foot, facing a fourth after the new year. It has been 15 months of constant pain, pain that will likely never cease :-(

Lastly, our puppy Angus, we adopted in January of last year at 6 weeks old, decided to chew the water line on the fridge, causing a major flood that destroyed out kitchen, living room, and dining room. We spent 2 months living in an RV in the driveway and just finished the last of the repairs around Thanksgiving. Thank goodness for Allstate, total amount of the claim was around $40/k. Yes, Naughty Puppy is still alive and just celebrated hi 1st birthday last Sunday.

I hope to re-dedicate myself to this community, a place that offered me so much comfort in June 2003 when I came here in search of help for an impending miscarriage. I have seen it grow by leaps and bounds, met incredible people, including my best friend, Peekawho.

Now, where to start spreading the love...

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by swampcritter, Dec 26, 2011
Its good to see you here again!

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