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Severe heartburn

Dec 22, 2011 - 2 comments

severe heartburn




Acid reflux

I can't get rid of it and nothing is working either! I can feel the constant burning in my stomach and esophagus. It actually hurt so badly, that the pain radiated into my back to the point that I couldn't walk. I took a Tums Ultra 1000 and the last Pepcid AC in the house too :'( I fell asleep sitting up and I was fine after about 5 minutes waking up, but it came back with a vengeance. I just want to drink a gallon of milk to alleviate it!!!
I've noticed within the past couple of months that my acid reflux has been getting worse. I started taking Tums regular to Tums 750, to now Tums Ultra 1000 AND Pepcid AC. No health insurance is pretty much stopping me in my tracks from getting some help with this. :(

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by Betska, Dec 07, 2012
hi there
I am having all this as well, I get it round Sept Oct near every year I believe for me its stress and allergy with spring related, have u been a dr yet to get something like Pariet or Nexium? might be worth a try but if ur into natural things, put bricks under ur bed head to raise it up, first thing in morning take 40mls (2 tablespoons) aloe vera juice straight no water or juice, tastes foul but u will survive, wait 20 to 30 mins before your breakfast, I have tissue salts for acid reflux, very cheap to buy, and u can chew them every half hour when u got reflux up to 6 a day, also make sure u are on a probiotic, like inner health or something similar, for me milk, yoghurt cream all aggrivate this it feels good whilst eating it then it flares up horrible, try pure unsweetened pinepple juice, dilute it half with water if u want it weaker, eat an apple, also I tried the apple cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons in about half glass water and a drop of honey, you drink it before food and then rinse ur mouth out or dink and few more sips of water.
after u eat any meal chew on sugarless gum, and 20mins before bed chew on 2 gaviscon tablets or take 20ml of gaviscon double strength.
Stop drinking all fizzy drinks, all coffeee and all teas with caffeine, try cammomile or decaf teas, and all sugars will inflame this so no sugar no candy
let me know how it goes, yesterday I did great till i ate chinese food and now I am suffering.Eating things like pumpkin pototoes and steamed greens all help.Hope this helps you
Dont wait to long as the acid can damage ur esopheagus and lead to terrible problems

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by Ducko888, Jan 12, 2015
I get this too. Nexium worked brilliantly for me but, eventually it has come back. Also I had an ear infection which the doctor gave me an antibiotic spray. This spray knocked the acid reflux out completely, so it is likely caused by bacteria in the gut and throat, hence why sugar aggravates it. I reckon, I'm no doctor. But im an expert on what takes my acid away!
Avoid caffeine, chilli, curry, alcohol , chocolate, fish, pizza, and stress. Zanprol is another good drug but expensive and the symptoms come right back after the pack is finished. Nexium was the only long lasting effective drug for me but its a hassle to get hold of the stuff. I'm currently taking rennie three to four times a day and in the night as and when it gets bad.

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