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Dec 25, 2011 - 0 comments

I have had a emotional week. Jenny has confided in me that she feels that if I wouldn't have come over she would not be going to the Dr.s at UAB.
Thursday her mom and I got in a fight because she would not take her to the hospital even though I gave her money and was willing to drive up there. I called the family and have other people aware of how serious this matter is.I feel she is in denial and has lied to me to not make me lose it for not seeking medical care more aggressively. The mother is now saying that they haven't diagnosed her positive for Guillian Barre' but they don't know what this is. Regardless is scaring the Hell out of me.
I also feel her mom is not doing her part mentally to keep Jennys faith going. She is telling me one minute she didn't wash her hair then when I confront her with the dry scalp she says she did and is applying the conditioner to her scalp which is a lie. I am so frustrated because if I say to much she might not let me see her and I can't until she gets in the hospital.

Since my last post Jenny has begged me for relief of the pain and she is scared. I am infuriated that I cannot rush her to were she needs to be. She told me she urinated in her pants. I am not sure if it is the condition, strong doses of meds or lack of care. She also told me that she was sitting by the fireplace and her back started touching the glass and she told her stepfather who thought she was joking until her mother yelled at him to pick her up. Jenny is also having difficulty breathing. She has asthma in the past but once again can be a symptom of what's going on.
I feel her step father is emotional abusive for thinking this will pass and under estimating the amount of pain she is in. I have lost all loyalty to my 20 year friend that seems to be having her own mental problems and denial.

My prayers are being answered and I am going to stay in top of this like I promised Jenny. If her mother does not take her Monday I will take another more serious route to get her were Jenny can get diagnosed, relief and recovery.

I cannot wait for tomorrow. Their stuff better be loaded in the car. No excuses.

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