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Incivek or Victrelis

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Hepatitis C

Thank you to HectorSF for posting this information regarding MD preferences regarding Incivek vs Victrelis.

"Which New Hepatitis C Drug do MDs Prefer?:   Incivek (telaprevir) vs. Victrelis (boceprevir)


Physicians ( 65 Gastroenterologist & 36 Infectious Disease & 6 others) were provided three recent news articles about Incivek (telaprevir) and Victrelis (boceprevir) and asked to compare these two new hepatitis C drugs:

*    Gauge the awareness level and use of these new treatments
*    Evaluate the "real-life" efficacy of each drug with current patients
*    Predict which product will become the standard of care

Executive Summary

*    Overall, more than 90% of surveyed physicians confirmed that they are aware of the approval and availability of both Incivek and Victrelis.

*    21% of physicians are only prescribing Incivek compared to 8% who are only writing Victrelis.

*    Efficacy was listed as the top strength for both drugs. MDs identified the following individual strengths for each drug:

*    Incivek: Often Shorter Duration of Treatment Plan, Simple Regimen/Fewer Pills. Best for prior Null Responders. More potential for 24 weeks of treatment. Less severe anemia.

*   Victrelis: Less Frequent Rash, Tolerability
34% of physicians tapped Incivek to become Standard of Care (SOC)

Percentage of MDs Prescribing Each Drug

Over half of physicians are already prescribing both new drugs
Of those physicians who are only prescribing one drug, 21% are prescribing Incivek; while only 8% are writing Victrelis

Physicians Identified Top Strengths of Incivek

MD respondents selected efficacy as top strength of Incivek
Strengths listed for Incivek over Victrelis included: Often Shorter Duration of Tx and Simple Regimen/Fewer Pills

Physicians Identified Top Strengths of Victrelis

MD respondents selected efficacy as top strength of Victrelis
Strengths listed for Victrelis over Incivek included: Less Frequent Rash and Tolerability

Patients Response to Both Drugs

Physicians asked for more data from Victrelis on co-infected patients as well as more data from both drugs on efficacy in HIV+ patients

Physicians Weigh in on Standard of Care

34% of physicians tapped Incivek to become Standard of Care
55% of physicians were unsure if either of these products would be the next Standard of Care"

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