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Oct 12, 2008 - 0 comments

Today as usual I had my normal pvcs...always do at work,its actually more unusual if I didnt have them throughout the day lol..Today though after cleaning a room I felt strange..checked my pulse and I couldnt exactlly say what was happening!!!!!It was irregular I know that,but it felt like nsvt but a slower version(forgot the name of that).I felt dizzy and broke out in a cold sweat..I felt the exact way that I did the night I had V tach for almost a min...though today my pulse seemed slower,much slower actually.Then after I got excited it shot up fast,to a sinus tachyardia(im assuming)thats just how it felt...So many diff things happend(it felt)in such a short period of time.I went in to the bathroom,it scared me..I calmed down,I was considering going downstairs to the e.r...but after a few mins I returned to "normal" just the norm pvcs throughout the rest of my day.My question is,do a lot of you some days experience things you arent you sure what it was but knew it was something not 'normal"?

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