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What in the world are they spraying?

Dec 28, 2011 - 31 comments


For most of us "CHEMTRAILS" sounds like a wacky thing. Like maybe some new-age weird idea, or conspiracy theory, or paranoia.....
Oh no it isn't!
Increasingly, blue skies, throughout the world are being criss-crossed with wide vaporous lines which are obviously not aircraft (contrail) trails. Quite often a huge area is covered with a nework of these "trails". Aluminium has been found -to highly toxic levels -in "pure" mountain melt-water....aluminium has been found in the RAIN. (again to high levels) Also Strontium and Barium.
Now what is Strontium and Barium in toxic levels, doing in high mountain melt-water?? WHAT THE HECK?
Aluminium is known to cause Alzheimers disease, and Dementia. These toxins are also causing infertility, among other things such as cancers.

I was skeptical. I saw many lines such as these, and attributed them to aircraft trails which had been spread out by high level winds. I heard of "chemtrails" and wasn't sure.
I guess my mind wouldn't come to terms with the idea that NATO governments were happily poisioning us for their own ends! (Whatever those may be.)
So what ARE those reasons? To experiment with agents which may hold back climate change? Or to experiment on US??

This documentary is SERIOUSLY NOT a wacky new-age compilation of paranoid theories. It really should be watched, and its message listened to.

Right now, tonight, I really have no strategy for DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.....or at least trying. If anyone has any good ideas about how to make our governments listen to the voice of the people, who do not wish to have poisons inflicted on them from the skies....please add to my journal.
But can we really sit back and let this happen to us?

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535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Dec 28, 2011
Thank you for this Ginger and it is true.....almost every day we get them in fact have had a small respite today , but yesterday they were above us as we got out of bed and they last around almost all day., it has been proved by testing the soil and rain water that alluminium and many other toxins are in the spraying materials they use.Its an admitted government program as you see.not just this Government but all over the world in fact The UK gets a lot.Now its a fact that many have been sick this year, headaches, sinusitis, eyes sore and irritated, flu like symptoms if you look at the forums there are many undiagnosed symptoms to say nothing as you say of the long term effects ..The People should demand the removal of this program, by the way its affecting the children... 20% are sicker this year ...Its The United Nations as usual at the bottom of all these environmental programs ..

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Dec 28, 2011
What gets me is the scientists who advocate this "spraying into the skies" must have the intelligence to realize the effects upon human health?? (And animal health in general also) They CANNOT be ignorant of those things! With their knowledge that would be impossible.
So what the heck are they doing? What are they up to?
There has to be some agenda where the human race doesn't count. Or the intolerable possibility that the agenda IS US......!
Anything like this makes me so angry. What do we do about it?

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Dec 28, 2011
In my opinion its about control ..the governments all want to control our lives..under the UN's direction .One World Government

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Dec 28, 2011
Yes but what exact kind of control? Poisoning us, our water, our crops, our animals etc....with barium, strontium and the plan is to control us by giving us all Alzheimer's disease? And the government people themselves, and their families have to breathe the same air! and they have to eat the same crops! I don't quite get it.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Dec 29, 2011
We got up today ad both the dh and I were coughing and sneezing  like sinusitis, when it got light I looked outside and lo and behold chem trails big ones across the sky...this is what happens the toxins make us sick ..we even saw one a few mins ago lower than normal folks look into the sky and if you feel sick you know why ...

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Dec 29, 2011
PS It is affecting the crops and the trees ,plants , farmers are complaining I thought I had bug infestations but its from this stuff .

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Dec 31, 2011
I have been taking photos of normal cloud formations, and normal cloud formations in striated patterns (we actually got 10 minutes of blue sky today before the rain was upon us yet again!) Now normal striated cloud formations or a "mackerel" sky, or high cirrus clouds blown by high winds look NOTHING LIKE those criss-cross very wide white swathes in the sky which are said to be the "chemtrails". I have also seen them here umpteen times, and never really took it on board that they couldn't be just natural.
But compared to normal cloud -oh boy they are not natural!
I shall take many photos of diferent natural clouds, then photos of the other ones when I next see them.
We have had a good deal of overcast weather, low thick cloud here for a long time, so it's been hard to see anything

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Dec 31, 2011
yup Europe is getting the chem trails a lot I have seen pics of them over Sweden ..there are a lot on the internet ...they tell those like me who get allergies from them to ask the doctor for a heavy metal test and a hair root test ..I am thinking I may do that in this part of CA we have had them non stop for one week ...headaches, sneeezing, runny nose, sinusitis symptoms, and lethargy... not enough folks taking it seriously and they should its affecting their children .get you head out of the sand America  

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jan 01, 2012
its also on facebook

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jan 01, 2012
sorry there is no small a after World

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Jan 01, 2012
Thanks marg. I'm not in facebook, but most people are and it's good to know the video is on there too.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jan 01, 2012
You are welcome as folks really need to know whats going on ..instead of wondering why they are sick .The dh said one piece got him on the video was when the pilot of one of the many planes said' They have orders do not  spray at all when anyone from the WH is visiting the area or flying over it, .........

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Jan 01, 2012
I am writing to my member of parliament about this, and sending a copy of the dvd. I shall be asking for a full inquiry and an explanation. It probably won't mean squat to him. He'll probably dismiss me as a new-age wacko into cospiracy theories. But never mind, I'll do it anyway

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jan 02, 2012
yup I bet they dont spray over Parliament either or Buckingham Palace .lol the inferance was from the pilot that they dont spray over anyone 'important' hahahah only the rest of us ...

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jan 11, 2012
I read that the complaints are coming in now as people are wondering about the symptoms they are getting and Doctors have no explanation, like major allergy attacks, I went to the theatre yesterday to the Matinee, when I came  out I glanced up  folks should look at the sky more you can see these are more than con trails , there were huge chemtrails all over the sky they widen and sit there for hours , ...later yesterday evening  and today I have got that dry cough again sneezing and sniffling and a rash on my neck .

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Feb 09, 2012
Brought this back up as folks really need to read and see whats happenening .and why kids are sicker and why we all have the allergy symptoms caused by these cemicals they are spraying ..I also have a journal up now in a similar vein..

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Feb 21, 2012
sorry my journal has changed LOl  but I have a profile pic up of a chem trail

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Feb 21, 2012
I saw your profile pic. That is a classic trail.(BTW I don't think anybody else is into this.....just you and me gal)

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Mar 07, 2012
hahah well thats okay ..maybe they dont mind whats being sprayed lol   Her we had a lot of them then we had about 2 days respite, now they are back again tons of them and also night flying , you can see whats been done in the morning at day break .Its about time there was an outcry about it, I do believe we are getting sick and allergies from this chem spraying ...

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Mar 22, 2012
Hi me again ... I just was reading up about them and its getting worse in CA every day we are bombarded ..

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Apr 09, 2012
Cor ginger have they been spraying a lot again my eyes havent stopped running nor my nose....I sneeze a trillion times a day

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Apr 13, 2012

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Jul 19, 2012
Take a look at this:

(Bearing in mind that THORIUM DIOXIDE -a Welsbach material- is one of the three chemicals known to cause Canine Hemangiosarcomas and Human Angiosarcomas.)

The link is:

This article is extremely technical, but it shows Thorium IS used to spray the upper how much of that stays at 13km above the Earth's surface? And how much of it is cast back down to earth by weather conditions?

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jul 19, 2012
  Federally Approved Contractors became involved in this massive, Global effort to save Earth from certain doom.  Federal Approved Contractors, FAC’s, were part of the research, Development and deployment aspects of these projects, and many of them have visited the premiere website Carnicom – Aerosol Operations (8).  (See – Visitors) FAC Academia, multi-National Corporations, U.S. Military/Industrial Complex/Corporations, became eager partners in this effort.  One in particular, Hughes Aircraft Corporation of California turned research efforts towards this endeavor.  

Thorium and oxides, Aluminum and Silicon carbide have been identified in a special mixture referred to generally as Welsbach Refractory Seeding Agents US Patent 5, 003,186. - March 26, 1991. ( Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for the reduction of Global Warming ) (9)  This patent was assigned and awarded in 1990 to Hughes Aircraft Corporation.  The Welsbach Refractory Seeding under unrestricted deployment operations began in the early 1990's over a vast area of Stratosphere above the North American Continent.( Aerosol Programs Patently Obvious )(10)   Expanding over the entire western hemisphere, many operations were believed to have been enjoined in Ozone Depletion Mitigation Aerial operations of the US Air Force, connected to the HAARPs (High Frequency Active Aural Research Project) for Ionospheric Heating, located in Alaska ) Ozone Remediation was 1 of 3 active mission parameters for HAARPs, as defined by Dr. Bernard Eastlund, Inventor and Director of HAARPs.  The Ionospheric Heating Research Facility was manned and operated by the US Air Force (Reserve) and the US Navy.  HAARPs had been weaponized; therefore, all operations were and remain classified. (HAARP HOME PAGE ) (11); Space Based Weather Control: The Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite - Correspondence with Dr. Eastlund) (12)

Weather Modification/Climate Change

HAARPs is utilized for many clandestine missions, of which Weather Modification is a fundamental objective.  Microwave, ELF (Extreme Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency) and other EMR/EMF-based systems are transmitted into the atmosphere and reflected by the ionosphere, back through the Earth's Stratosphere/Atmosphere where various airborne chemical particulates, polymer filaments and other electromagnetic frequency absorbers and reflectors are used to push or pull the prevailing Jet-Streams, changing Weather patterns. (Note: Vast files of our research are available on the particulate, polymers, Microwave, ELF, VLF & EMG, etc)  In many instances, Drought Inducement Technologies have been found in patented systems.  Drought Inducement occurs, according to reviewed technologies by heating the Stratosphere with Microwaves, placing airborne chemical particulates in the airspace and thereby changing the base-line moisture gradients via microwaves from HAARPs and desiccating chemically with Barium Titanates, Methyl Aluminum and Potassium mixtures. ( Induced Climate Change -Geoengineering the Earth's Radiation Balance )  (13)

HAARPs punches massive holes in the open-air column Ozone, electronically.  This is the basis for the Ozone Remediation/Mitigation Strategies found associated with HAARPs.  However, "patching" the holes in the Ozone layer has become a standard practice for US Air Force and FAC flight operations.  The US Air Force has recently, 2001-2002, resorted to the utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) technology.  High-flying Stratospheric Robotic Platforms negate the manned operation factors.  Robots don't complain and never talk and remain, forever, non-union.

Welsbach Seeding and Ozone Hole Remediation sciences utilize chemistries that are toxic to Humans and the Environment.  

Welsbach Refractory Agents use Aluminum, Thorium, Zirconium and other emissitivity-refractive metals and metals oxides.  Thorium is elementally, 98% purity.  The remaining 2% are identified radioactive materials.  Ground-fall includes Thorium.  Mid and Eastern Canada are suffering from what has been clinically identified as Thorium poisoning.  There are no other base-line resources for Thorium, all from residuals of aerosolized heavy metal particulate spraying into the Stratosphere.

Alaska Flight 261

One other observation has been made regarding Welsbach refractory agents - the extreme abrasion characteristics of some of the other patented components, namely, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide.  These materials are extremely high MOH's Hardness and only second in abrasativity to Diamond.  These 1 micron and sub-micron dusts, upon falling through the Atmosphere, could conceivably find deposition onto a somewhat, adhesive surface, inside the working flight components of all aircraft traveling through the "grit-plume".  The greases used on the Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers, Ailerons, Flaps and Landing Gear trucks may be seriously damaged with abrasion of metals on the aircraft.  A horizontal-stabilizer Jack-Screw continuously coated with these highly abrasive dusts from the Welsbach Refractory materials will cause a gradual milling of the jack-screw metals and cause complete failure, jamming the flight controls into an uncontrollable down or up attitude configuration.  We believe that Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was a victim of this unforeseen circumstance.  Alaska Flight 261 made daily passage through heavy grit plumes from ChemTrails operations associated with Welsbach Refractory Seeding operations, principally along the West Coast of the US, down throughout Dallas, Texas.

This is only part of what they are doing to us ..humans and animals are sick .from these chemicals ..this is no conspiracy theory folks ..

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jul 21, 2012
tell you what ginger makes me think you should inform the vet who treated Misty as he must have other animals comimg in sick ..Thorium is a toxin , so is storium, barium and alluminium yet I see no Doctors addressing this matter all ..many  people are sick and go undiagnosed .you'd think that they would  wonder why... they must see and read journals like this one ..and its all over the internet ..

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Jul 31, 2012
An experiment funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates will see thousands of tonnes of sulphur particles sprayed over New Mexico as part of a geoengineering study, despite the fact that even staunch environmentalists have warned the process could have catastrophic effects on the earth’s eco-system......

.....The risks involved in spraying the upper atmosphere with sulphur particles are so brazen that even environmentalists who support the man-made global warming mantra have sternly warned against it, such as Greenpeace’s chief UK scientist Doug Parr, who slammed attempts to geoengineer the planet as “outlandish” and “dangerous”......

......Aside from the unknown dangers, what is known about what happens when the environment is loaded with sulphur dioxide is bad enough, since the compound is the main component of acid rain, which according to the EPA“Causes acidification of lakes and streams and contributes to the damage of trees at high elevations (for example, red spruce trees above 2,000 feet) and many sensitive forest soils. In addition, acid rain accelerates the decay of building materials and paints, including irreplaceable buildings, statues, and sculptures that are part of our nation’s cultural heritage.”

The health effects of bombarding the skies with sulphur dioxide alone are enough to raise serious questions about whether such programs should even be allowed to proceed.

The following health effects are linked with exposure to sulphur.

- Neurological effects and behavioral changes
- Disturbance of blood circulation
- Heart damage
- Effects on eyes and eyesight
- Reproductive failure
- Damage to immune systems
- Stomach and gastrointestinal disorder
- Damage to liver and kidney functions
- Hearing defects
- Disturbance of the hormonal metabolism
- Dermatological effects
- Suffocation and lung embolism

According to the LennTech website, “Laboratory tests with test animals have indicated that sulfur can cause serious vascular damage in veins of the brains, the heart and the kidneys. These tests have also indicated that certain forms of sulfur can cause foetal damage and congenital effects. Mothers can even carry sulfur poisoning over to their children through mother milk. Finally, sulfur can damage the internal enzyme systems of animals.”

(Source: )

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jul 31, 2012
hahahah oh ginger I have a similar one up great minds think alike LOL what we are writing is the truth it can all be verified online , they make no bones of it now ...I live with this every day ...I suffer from extreme allergies from the spraying as do many and it is affecting animals and plant s and children ..It needs all of us to protest en masse to stop it..we cant live with something that we have no control of that affects us all .A lot are in denial I know but wow when you know your child will suffer its time to do something ...isnt it ......

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Aug 17, 2012
bump...its too good to let go ..I hope folks are starting to understand

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Aug 18, 2012
The new one is out today ...its being streamed live at   its the sequel and is called 'What on earth are they Spraying"   looks like people are begining to sit up and take notice of this monstrocity..

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Aug 18, 2012
Thanks Margy. I've missed the live streaming, hopefully I can catch upon it later if I can find a good link. I'll google it tomorrow (late at night now here)

6726276 tn?1421126668
by CRSeaside, Dec 05, 2013
Hi I live part time in CA & the rest of the time in Costa Rica.
I've seen this at our sky lake Nacimiento . I too always thought it was aircraft.
Yikes. Pamela

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