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Like wow what a way to start my day lol

Dec 29, 2011 - 2 comments


Was lying in bed thought I had to toot,but nope it was poop :/ ya nice eh lol,ya I know gross lol,thought I'd share lol.Hope this doesn't happen to often.

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by libzo2, Feb 20, 2012
ha ha ha ha  U funny.  I hate when that happens in the car!  

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by Dannigirl69, Feb 20, 2012
Oh do I have a story for ya lol.Well I was in zellers shopping with my daughter,and was just looking at stuff,ya know debating on what to daughter was 2/half or 3 I think lol.Well long story short,I coughed ...and ya intantly had smelly puff pants,omg it was terrible,lol but the funny thing is that I ran to the bathroom with my daughter and she starts to ask me why I had pooped my pants?just as someone enters the bathroom.All the lady could hear was her,I acually had to asked a stranger, if she wouldn't mind looking for a pair of track pants,and so kind she did :) but did not have enough money for the pants so......was forst to go to plan B which was thank god I'm wearing 2sweaters lol.So I tied that around my waist and was flustered lol as I had to still go through the cash ,I can't beleive I actually went through the cash lol I thought well .. I had ta get what I had to get,and was to angery to go out again or never at that people just thought my daughter needed a diper change lol omg did I just say that out loud lol ha ha  

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