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What to do?

Dec 29, 2011 - 2 comments

Growing more and more concerned today, this has been going on too long and not feeling well in general alongside rollercoaster rides "in mood"....from feeling ok one day and hurting or feeling so much discomfort another keeps the back and forth enough to keep anyone up -down, up -down....Praying someone on here can relate or have some answers since I am new here and slowly seeing how to relate to others and helps them also any way I can...

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by margypops, Dec 29, 2011
Could you give us more input on how you are feeling, there are many virus and environmental issues this year, many havent felt well.Can you give us the symptoms you are experiencing ?

1959574 tn?1326309070
by xnymodel, Dec 29, 2011
the abcess started close to two years ago, however it took the doctors a year and half of that to figure out it was abcess due to zero pain in tooth or anywhere....I simply felt this fluid feeling and had pain in my ears instead of my mouth. I visited 3 specialists in the Jackson area and finally an er doc diagnosed it. I feel like someone had poured oil under my skin leaving the sensation of a thick fluid that moves and flows under the skin in my face, head, scalp area, EARS-"as if its draining" but isn't, back of neck and under my chin and through my shoulders...I will feel it move as i tilt my head, lie down sense of smell and taste due to weight of fluid and location and the pain itself is located in my ears and back of neck leaving me to wake up every day with the a head that feels like it is being squeezed beyond normality....constant pressure...well so hard to explain but miserable and scary is in there also....:(

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