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Dec 29, 2011 - 5 comments

If you have taken Lupron for endometriosis, could you please give me some feedback??? My dr office is sending in a pre-approval for lupron to see how much I will have to come out of pocket and I was just curious to see how much you all had to pay? Also, what side effects and I going to be facing? and lastly, did it help your endometriosis and to get pregnant??? I would love to hear from you!! Thanks!!

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by Ashley42009, Dec 29, 2011
I took lupron injunction with follistem injectables. The injections didn't have any side effects on me at all except having to poke myself everyday in the belly. I have endometriosis and pcos, the two medications together worked perfectly and was the only medication that we ever got to work! Today I'm  16weeks1day Pregnant and I still have marks from the injections on my belly but I did them for over 25 days with an extremly long cycle! I wish you the best of luck and if you have anymore questions let me know! SSBD

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by want2getprego, Dec 30, 2011
Thank you Ashley!! I will only be doing the Lupron for the endometriosis, so hopefully it will do the trick! I hope!! :):) I can't believe you are already 16 weeks!!!

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by Ashley42009, Dec 30, 2011
I know time is flying by. I'm not sure if I go by what the baby is measuring or my due date. Baby is a week ahead of my due date and the e.r. changed it from June 13th to June 6th so idk what to think. The lupron helps supress the endo and worked great for us. I wish you guys the best of luck. Keep me posted i'll be around! SSBD

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by amorlove29, Sep 09, 2014
How long did you take the lupron and how long after did you conceive? I took the 3 month depot in my first month now but don't want anymore shots do you think this 3 month shot is long enough to try and conceive after the shots wear off?

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by want2getprego, Sep 09, 2014
I had 3 lupron injections and missed my period for about 5 months. After I got my period back, I had two cycles and then conceived. Good luck with everything!!

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