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wondering how everyone here is doing??

Dec 30, 2011 - 0 comments

I have been hanging out over on the Inspire pages lately. Sad thing that there too we see
people leave us because of cancer. I started a journal over there too but this on has been with
me for a long time. I am going to go to the University of Colorado to have my liver, pancres and spleen
looked edg/ultrasound thing. Since May 09 I have had trouble with right upper quadrent pain.
That along with vomiting nausea and headaches...for a long time..In 08 I had BC so I do still think about the possibility of me having mets.I also still have tremendous bone and or muscle pain. I am glad to still be here and
have been trying to remain positive and keep stress down.  my new saying is keep on keeping on

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