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Week 15 & 16 Over ~  Thank God  

Jan 01, 2012 - 3 comments




Just a short entry.    Leaving week 16 here in a few hours .   Tomorrow week 17 will start with labs to be done in the morning.   Feeling very fatigued and lethargic.   Dont have alot of energy to do anything .     I get dizzy and out of breath If I do.   But still hanging on.     I hope everyone has a beautiful New Year and we all get to where we are going !  God Speed !        God Bless the Warriors !  

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by starshine1ca, Jan 01, 2012
God bless you Livinontheedge and Happy New Years Day to you!  Just want to wish you good luck tomorrow on your blood work. Sure wish they had some miracle cure for the lack of energy!  I have been doing  NOTHING!  Getting dressed exhausts me...yikes!  I am finishing up wk 12.  A quarter of the way there!  Seems like yesterday I just started...yahh    Hope your week flies by quickly and goes well for you and again, good luck with your blood work.  Sincerely, Starshine

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by Livinontheedge, Jan 02, 2012
Hi Star,  I completely understand the lack of energy thing.   I was supposed to went and got my blood work done today and couldnt move.   So am going in the morning no matter what.    I just hate having no energy to do anything.    So sick of the coughing.      I started coughing at the dinner table last night and then got choked.  Ran out side and of course you know what coughing and choking leads to.   Needless to say its at the point now when I start coughing that it turns my whole insides out !  Really hurts.  But time is moving quickly , Eight more weeks more and then I can stop.  Praise God.     It will all move quickly, before you know it, we will have all slayed this monster !        Hugs to you Star !xoxo

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by Lifenet62, Jan 02, 2012
AWWW, feel better and GO...........I got dizzy today for the first time and had to sit down, scared the bejeezus outa me, thought I was gonna puke.....
oh carrie, bless ur heart.....

feel better quick!
@starshine, I am finishing up week 11, and am a 48 wk'er as well.....
pooped, but get a good quarter mile outa me before i go to the glue factory each day LOL

healthy new year to ya both.....
love u carriegirl

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