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January Workouts

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Start Jan 2, 2012

Monday January 2, 2012:
Jumping Jacks, Knee highs, push ups, sit ups: 10mins
Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, IYTAs: 5-8 lbs (2 sets with 5s 1 set with 8s) Reps of 12-15, 3 sets each
Elliptical: Level 10-12 35 mins
Sauna: 10mins

Tuesday January 3, 2012:
Jumping Jacks, Knee highs, push ups, sit ups: 10mins
forget the rest because for some reason it isn't showing in my tracker!!!!
Treadmill: Believe it was around 40 minutes.. ran 2miles at 2 incline then alternated between walking and running at 8 incline until I was at 3 miles

Wednesday January 4, 2012:
Rest day - Spending the night with my Aunt and baby cousin!!

Thursday January 5, 2012:
Spinning? Didn't do this as the class was at 6:30 and I go to the gym at 3:50.
Warm up of walking on treadmill, 5 incline, for 5 mins at 3.5 and running 5.5 for 5 mins; .80miles 100 calories
Weight training circuit (will fill this in later)
sit ups
Running on the treadmill for 1.24 miles and forget how many calories (total of 2.04miles on treadmil)
Sat in the sauna for 20mins after workout ~ very nice.

Friday January 6, 2012:

Saturday January 7, 2012:
8:30am Cardio Kick Boxing! Totally going to do this class as I'm up every weekend at like 7am anyway no matter how hard I try to sleep. Going to be difficult to eat something before the class though.

Did this class. was great! Warmed up for 10mins beforehand on the treadmill. Was sweating bullets during the class! Will be doing this EVERY saturday. Was such a boost.

Sunday January 8, 2012:
Nada. Definitely cheated on my healthy eating today as well with Five Guys cheeseburger and fries. :-( Oh well. Not going to get wicked down about it. Will strive to burn more calories this week!

Monday January 9, 2012:
Gym; no gym today.. had stomach issues :-(

Tuesday January 10, 2012:
GYM! not sure WHAT is wrong with my stomach... but same sensations.

Wednesday January 11, 2012:
Gym! 4pm-7pm

Weight training - bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, lat holds
sit ups

Treadmill: 35mins, 3 miles, 400 calories
Elliptical: 10 mins, 100 calories

30/30 Class: Muscle conditioning, 30 minutes; Pilates, 30 minutes... calories?

Thursday January 12, 2012: (Pregnancy test this am - negative!)
Small introductory training with NE1 Fitness

Friday January 13, 2012:

Saturday January 14, 2012:
Cardio Kick Boxing 8:30am - 9:30am

Sunday January 15, 2012:

January 17, 2012 -- Had a bad week. Blew off any and all exercise but I was feeling moody and decided to be with family.

January 17, 2012

January 18, 2012

January 19, 2012

January 20, 2012

January 21, 2012
Cardio Kickboxing 8:30-9:30

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